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Y and this Friday are visiting us… AMPGIL!!

Since few years ago, we have reserved ourselfs a couple afternoons of the academic year to organize an activity with the  Associació de Mares i Pares de Gais i Lesbianes -AMPGIL-. A few weeks ago five of us went to present ourselfs as Sinversa and LGBT+ persons and, this Friday, fathers and mothers from this association …


This Friday, presentation of the Guide against LGTBfobia

Taking advantatge of this week’s Setmana de la Diversitat Sexual i de Gènere 2015,we propose you to do something different this week to our usual Friday’s speech: We invite you to assist to the presentaction of the Guia contra la LGTBfòbia, of the OBservatori contra la l’Homofòbia, at the Espai Jove La Fontana from 19h30 to 21h00. To go …

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